Today is a beautiful fall day at Quicksilver Farm. The air is warm but with a hint of crispness. Our friend, Leon Bray, came out to help us harvest our hives. Leon sells incredible local honey under the name San Benito Gold, and you can find him plying his wares at the Farmers’ Market when it is open, and around town from his truck when it is not. He has been producing honey for years, providing the extra benefit of pollination for various farms and ranches throughout San Benito County. He is such a nice man, so generous with his time and talent. He thinks we have about 40 pounds of honey. We hope to have it filtered and bottled in time for holiday gift giving. (Of course, we have to keep enough of it for Nants to make her homemade granola.) Our hive is healthy and happy, and we should be able to split it in the spring. No sign of colony collapse here. Bees are industrious and creative creatures. We are glad to share Quicksilver Farm with them.

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