Walnuts 2010

A beautiful fall day greeted us for our annual Nuts about You party. Can you believe temperatures in the balmy 70s and lush, ripe heirloom tomatoes still plump and colorful on the vine in mid-November? Friends and family gathered merrily at oilcloth-covered tables out on the back patio to crack walnuts, eat great food and enjoy love and laughter. This year’s walnut crop was particularly abundant. However, we grow our nuts organically (though not certified organic) and had quite a few which were either shriveled or moldy. (Bleah!) Nonetheless, we were able to garner more than enough good ones to send each person home with a bag of nuts for holiday use and enjoyment. Tim made scrumptious walnut pies with a bittersweet chocolate pie shell lining, making everyone glad they had come. This party is an annual event, and you should be sure to let us know if you’d like to be included next year.  There’s nothing as much fun as sharing San Benito bounty at Quicksilver Farm.

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