The first of my saved seeds are in the dark, moist soil of a planting pack, warming gently on a heated pad bought last year for just this purpose. In each tiny cell, four seeds of a wonderful heirloom tomato variety lay waiting to germinate. I am very excited about this. Each seed was lovingly harvested from a plump, mature fruit. Then it was left to develop a little mold, which I am told protects it from future disease. Then it was cleaned, separated and left to dry. Since this is my first attempt at saving seeds, I await with great anticipation and a little bit of trepidation. Did I leave them to mold too long? Did I get the best seeds? Did they dry properly? I laugh at this as well. Haven’t these varieties sprouted for years without my assistance? I have Berkeley Tie Die, Bear Creek, Arkansas Traveler, Timofeyovitch, Tim’s Black Ruffles, Casey’s Yellow and more. While puttering in the kitchen on New Year’s Day 2011, I told my husband I was making lunch for August. Let’s see what happens!

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