Have you ever met anyone with a miniature donkey who didn’t just love it? At Quicksilver Farm, we never had. So when we spotted an ad on Craig’s List for donkeys needing a new home, we jumped on it. Unfortunately, so did a bunch of other people and the animals were placed before we could respond. So sad, too bad.
But the Universe wanted us to have Donkeys because a request for a donkey rescue appeared almost immediately on Bay Area Equestrian Network. Five donkeys were available according to JD Acres Horse Rescue www.jdacres.org. The donkeys were located in the Sacramento area. We just happened to be going to Nants’ aunt’s funeral nearby within a few days. We only wanted two, but JD Acres asked if we could bring all of them back to their location, and we were glad to do a good turn in exchange for adding donkeys to our collection at Quicksilver Farm.

Off we go to the Memorial Service we go, driving a big truck hauling a 3-horse slant. (Aunt Jean would have thought it a hoot. “Oh, Shootenheimer!” she would have said.) After sharing food and fond remembrances with family, we headed off to rescue donkeys.

While driving north on I-5, a car in front of us lost control and spun 360 degrees on the freeway. Amazingly, no one crashed. We were nervous because it is somewhat difficult to respond quickly in a truck with trailer.

We arrived to find 5 well-fed, well-cared for miniature donkeys amid a herd of 9. Not much of a rescue, it was more a herd reduction. We were glad to find the animals in good health and happy conditions. The owner helped us load them, an easy event for which we were grateful. Can you imagine how it could be with stubborn donkeys? We headed off to find JD Acres. Driving along a narrow country lane, we came across a roadblock due to a downed power line caused by a tree falling. How to turn around? The Highway Patrol helped us turn our trailer sideways, unhitch it, drive around iPrincess Gracet and hitch it up again.

With no further adventures, we deposited the three donkeys we were not keeping at JD Acres, awaiting their new home. We made it back to Quicksilver Farm with our donkeys, who we have named Regina of Quicksilver Farm (Nants’ aunt’s name was Mary Regina) also known as Gigi or Ginny, and Princess Grace, also known as Gracie.

The donkeys stand 34” at the withers, and have crosses on their back, rumored to have been given to them when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem. They have beautiful, soulful eyes and sweet, gentle natures. They were a bit stand-offish at first, but with fresh carrots arriving daily, they have learned to love us. We’re sure it’s us and not the carrots they love! We are blessed to have these wonderful creatures to share in our lives at Quicksilver Farm.

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