The smell of lilac is a heady, sweet odor. I love the fragrance when it wafts off the bush in a soft spring breeze. Beyond the scent, the flower itself is fine and delicate. A few years ago my daughter, Ila,¬†gave me a small bush for Mothers’ Day. We planted it and it is a new gift for me each year. Last year Ila and her friend Carolyn helped us plant 14 bushes to line our gravel driveway. We were delighted to find they are all leafing this year, and several of them show signs for budding blossoms. I used to hate to cut the branches of my original lilac because it looked so lovely amassed¬†in the yard. But this year I will have enough blossoms to decorate and scent the house as well as the yard! What a great springtime blessing.

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