The End of 2010

The year 2010 was spent learning so much about Quicksilver Farm. The first of our children’s tours began, offering a glimpse of rural life to preschool, school and afterschool program groups. We shared the bounty of our endeavor without cost to these groups.
It was definitely the Year of the Tomato, with a bumper crop coming in late in the season. The greatest challenge was not growing them, but making sure we used them all. Weeks of canning and salsa making and chutney making were not enough. We loaded beautiful baskets and shared them with former co-workers, friends and family. We were proud that very few tomatoes went unused and unappreciated. The frost two days before Thanksgiving wiped out overnight the vines and the basil, but since we had prior notice we harvested to the best of our ability. We had a fabulous caprese salad for our Thanksgiving feast. Who’d have guessed that?
We also worked hard on our sunflowers, which provided huge bouquets of happy color for guests to Quicksilver Farm Stays. We harvested and shared seeds, which will continue to delight in the coming year.
Our first class got off the ground: Quicksilver Farm Bird Savour Wreaths. It was a big hit and we look forward to a new year of sharing our bounty and our creativity.
We also began to produce virgin wool felted dryer balls, which minimize dryer time and static without adding chemicals to clothes or dryer sensors. These balls are beautiful as well as functional, and were a huge hit with the friends and family who received them at Christmas. We plan on offering them on Ebay in the coming year. Good for the environment, good for your clothes, good for the soul. What could be better?
We look forward to the many opportunities and blessings coming our way in 2011.

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