Today is St. Valentine’s Day at Quicksilver Farm, and a glorious day it is. Right now it is 64 degrees and the sun is shining bright. The day began very foggy, and Nants made Tim an omelet of eggs from Quicksilver Farm with onions and greens from the garden. Soon the gray shroud lifted, and the tomato and pepper seedlings were whisked from their perch on the kitchen counter. Off they went to the warming rays of the winter sun.
As her gift, Nants arranged for Tim to attend a series of bird-watching classes coming up, taught by friend Mark Paxton. He loved this because it will allow him to identify all the feathered friends which use Quicksilver Farm as a feasting ground. He’ll be able to share this with all the Quicksilver Farm visitors.
Tim bought Nants bright red rhubarb, which she appreciates much more than chocolates! She’s looking forward to rhubarb conserve and rhubarb recipes in the coming months.
Two new lambs were a Valentine from the Navajo Churro sheep flock. Born to good mothers, the lambs are being kept away from the rest of the herd – and the dachshunds – by protective guards who manage to keep themselves between the baby and perceived harm.
Anxious watch is being kept over Angelina, who has been installed into a barn stall filled with fresh golden hay. She is wide and heavy and her udders have filled with nourishment in anticipation of the pending birth. Do they say a watched goat never kids? She’s certainly not making any jokes!
Tim and Nants have walked a long journey from when St. Valentine’s Day (find the history at meant a gourmet meal in a fancy restaurant, martinis and champagne, roses and romance. Well, they still have the roses, but they’re barely starting to sprout the greenish-red boughs from which blossoms will burst in riotous color later in the year. Martinis and champagne have given way to espresso and herb teas. And the beloved Quicksilver Farm kitchen, with its old 70s ceramic tile and dark grout is now their favorite spot for a gourmet meal, made with local products, many of them raised here. And romance? What beats a hot tub under the stars and the comfort of a featherbed? Wouldn’t change it back for the world!

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