On Labor Dletter-to-congress-stationay 2009 (September 7) Slow Foods USA called for a “virtual march on Washington.” They are calling for Congress to pass a Child Nutrition Act that gives schools the resources to serve REAL FOOD for lunch. People in communities all over the country held public potlucks to take part in the Time for Lunch National Eat-In. After all, isn’t it time to invest in children’s health, protect against food putting children at risk and teach children healthy habits for a lifetime? School cafeterias purchasing locally grown fruits and vegetables are economic engines for developing small businesses, supporting family farmers and creating jobs in the community. Real food is good at every link in the chain. It tastes good, it’s good for us, good for the people who grow it, good for our country and for the planet.
At Quicksilver Farm more than 60 people came to enjoy great food, laugh, talk and write letters to Congress. A good time was had by all. Though we were the hosts, we met people we had never come into contact with, and renewed friendships. What a fabulous day! Wish you could have joined us, but you can at least enjoy some of the pictures!

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