On Monday, January 24, 2011, Nants debuted at the culinary arts classroom at Anzar High School in San Juan Bautista as a chef! Buzzing with sights, sounds and smells, the state-of-the-art cooking facility has more than 20 people attending the first Healthy Cooking Class as part of the San Benito Food Revolution put on by San Benito Bounty in partnership with the San Benito County Medical Society and the Community Foundation for San Benito County.
Chef Ray Sanchez crafted a feast of flavors from savory roasted chicken to baked potatoes with zesty fresh salsa to lemon-chive carrots and a cabbage/apple slaw. Easy to prepare, based on local seasonal vegetables, it was met with great enthusiasm from the class participants.
Nutritionist Jamie Flores and local physician Dr. Ralph Armstrong shared additional insights into healthy eating and lifestyle. Nants presented information from the Y on wellness classes if offers in San Benito County. We also discussed where to get free range chicken (Paul Hain) and organic vegetables (Phil Foster Farms in SJB). The next class is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, February 28 at San Andreas School’s Kitchen. We hope to see another enthusiastic crowd!

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