Lavender Celebration Day, May 17, 2009.   The sun came up stronLavender Plants at Quicksilver Farmg and hot, and by mid-morning it was an unexpected 100 degrees. That did not deter the intrepid crew. Family, neighbors and friends assembled to do the work. Three generations of Foleys were on hand to lay out the grids, placing plastic spoons where each plant would go. Trowels, shovels and post-hole diggers were used to make holes. Each hardy plant was lovingly placed, mounded and protected by a little moat. Luckily the marine influence of Monterey Bay kicked in just after noon, sending The Foley Teama cooling breeze. The temperature dropped 20 degrees in the space of an hour. Finally the last plant was in, and everyone enjoyed sitting in the shade, drinking iced tea, eating strawberries dipped in cream cheese and lavender jelly, banana bread with lavender butter and lemon lavender shortbread. Everyone who participated has access to all the lavender they’ll ever need in this lifetime.


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