Who knew baby tomato and pepper seedlings were so much work? Following the instructions from Cynthia at Love Apple Farm, we carefully covered our seedlings with plastic and put them on the heating mat. As soon as the first little green popped its head out of the dark, rich soil the covering was removed. From that time forward they need to be taken outside each day for the sun and returned indoors to avoid the chill of night. Each day we see a few more straggling cotyledons, the first two embryonic leaves one finds on a sprouting plant. It’s hard to imagine these babies – in just a few months – will be the bearers of plump and lush heirloom tomatoes and peppers. We hope that some of these will grow at Quicksilver Farm and the rest will find their way to fertile gardens of our family and friends. But for now, we’re running them in, running them out and looking at them many times a day.

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