Quite by accident, I discovered wool dryer balls. Dryer balls are a wonderful addition to a green lifestyle for a variety of reasons. First of all, they replace dryer sheets which are slow to break down in the landfill, add chemicals to clothes, are expensive and can harm the sensors in your dryer. Second, they reduce dryer time and lesson wrinkles by pulling apart the layers of fabrics so you get less knotting. They are supposed to reduce static as well. I decided to make some. After much trial and error, I was able to create a beautiful ball. I now make them in all the natural colors of our wool. I sell them on Ebay. I gave them as Christmas gifts, and they were very well received. I think I’ll have a class and let people in my area make their own. There’s a great satisfaction in it…maybe because they felt down so beautifully. I understand these also make great baby toys. This wool has a very high micron count, so these won’t pill and get funky with use. They should last for years. I understand it is possible to add essential oils to them if you prefer scented laundry, but I’m keeping them pure for sale. These would be great for anyone with allergies. Who knew such easy felting could be so much fun and so rewarding?

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