Over the years since we bought this property in 2002, we have been planting more and more daffodils each year.  Since this Central California area is so fabulous for naturalizing, we have hundreds of daffodils which show a sunny face early each year.  The first years we left them all outside, because we wanted a cheerful showing outside.  But we finally hit critical mass, and we have enough to cut abundant bouquets to bring indoors without affecting the overall massing effect we want outdoors.  Since these hardy blooms appear in January, they are often the only promise of spring during the grey winter storms.  Their resiliency is inspiring.  A heavy rainfall with gusty winds will buffet them, laying them flat against the soaked soil.  But without missing a beat, they pop back up after Mother Nature’s tantrum.  Ah, we could all take a lesson from the courage of the daffodils:  Always be bright, even when life seems harsh, for this, too, shall pass.  These are the first blooms of 2010.  No, we’re not cutting them.  We have to wait for all their cousins to join in the dance of flowering.  If they only had a strong fragrance, they would be the perfect flower.  But as it is, we’re awaiting our lilacs and roses!

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